Empower Checking Account Cashback Rewards

You may earn Cashback Rewards based on qualifying Card purchases. You will earn Cashback Rewards of 1% on the first $1,000 of qualifying Card purchases that you make in each calendar month. Qualifying Card purchases include point-of-sale purchases made with your Card (excluding any cash over portion of the purchase) and online Card purchases (except bill payment or funding, depositing or payment of any prepaid card or account or a deposit account). In addition, transactions that are not eligible for Cashback Rewards include any transaction conducted at an ATM, the purchase of money orders or other cash equivalents, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, purchases made using third-party payment accounts (services such as Venmo®or PayPal™that also provide P2P payments) and gambling-related transactions.

"Cash-equivalents”include currency, coins, virtual currencies, tokens, negotiable items not yet deposited, U.S. treasury bills and commercial paper.

"P2P payments”mean electronic money transfers made from one person’s bank account or credit card to another person’s bank account or credit card through a P2P payment application.

You may not open more than one Empower Checking Account, including individual and joint accounts in the determination of one checking account.

We will credit Cashback Rewards to your Empower Checking Account monthly for qualifying purchases recorded during the previous month. You are not eligible for Cashback Rewards if your Empower Checking Account is not open or your Empower Savings or Checking Account has a negative balance at the time we would normally credit your Empower Checking Account.

Cashback Rewards do not expire, but if your Empower Checking Account is closed for any reason, Cashback Rewards may be forfeited.

We may make adjustments to your Cashback Rewards based on your Card activity. For example, we will debit your Empower Checking Account or decrease future Cashback Rewards to correspond with the return of a transaction or the amount of a reward credited by us in error. Empower Checking Accounts deemed by us to have an excessive or unusual number of return transactions may be: (1) frozen, (2) no longer eligible to participate in the Cashback Rewards program or (3) closed in accordance with the Deposit Agreement.