Electronic Communications Consent

Last Updated: January 30, 2024

This Electronic Communications Consent Notice ("Consent") applies to all communications regarding products and services ("Services") provided by Empower Finance and our affiliates, bank partners, service providers ("Empower", "we", or "our") and your use of our website (www.empower.finance) and mobile application.

To the extent permitted by law, you consent to use electronic signatures and to electronically receive all records, notices, statements, communications, and other items for all Services (collectively, "Communications") that we may otherwise be required to send or provide you in writing or paper form (e.g., by mail). Your agreement to this Electronic Communications Consent confirms your ability and consent to receive all Communications electronically, rather than in paper form, and to the use of your electronic signature in our relationship with you. Before doing so, it is important that you: (1) read and understand this Consent; (2) determine that you satisfy the minimum hardware and software requirements set out below; and (3) understand your consent will remain in effect until you withdraw it as provided below.


Communications covered by this Consent include disclosures and communications we provide to you regarding our Services such as: (i) terms and conditions, privacy statements or notices and any changes; (ii) Services disclosures, transaction receipts and confirmations; (iii) account histories; and (iv) customer service communications (such as claims of error communications).


We may provide Communications to you by email, text message, in-app message or by making them accessible on the Empower website, mobile application, or mobile website (including via links provided online and in emails). Communications will be provided online and will be viewable using browser software or PDF viewer software. You should print and save and/or electronically store a copy of all Communications that we send to you electronically.


To access and retain Communications, you must have:

  • A computer or mobile device with Internet or mobile connectivity.

  • For website-based Communications, a current web browser that includes 128-bit encryption. Minimum recommended browser standards are Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 and above (see www.microsoft.com/ie for current version), Mozilla Firefox current version (see www.mozilla.com for current version), Apple Safari current version (see www.apple.com/safari for current version), or Chrome current version (see www.google.com/chrome for current version). The browser must have cookies enabled.

  • For application-based Communications, a mobile phone operating system that supports text messaging, downloads, and applications from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

  • Access to the email address used to create an account for Empower Services.

  • Sufficient storage space to save Communications and/or a printer to print them.

If you use a spam filter or similar software that blocks or re-routes emails from untrusted senders, we recommend that you add Empower to your email address book to ensure you receive Communications by email.


You may withdraw your consent to receive Communications electronically by contacting us at help@empower.me. If you withdraw this consent to receive electronic Communications, Empower will terminate the relationship and you will no longer have access to Empower’s products or services.


You may request that we send you a paper copy of Communications via U.S. Mail. To request a paper copy, contact us at help@empower.me. You must provide your current U.S. mailing address so we can process this request. We may charge you a reasonable fee not to exceed $10 per copy. Except as prohibited by law, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to deny your request.


In order to ensure that we are able to provide Communications to you electronically, you must notify us of any change in your email address and your mobile device telephone number by updating your profile on the Empower website or mobile app. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current so that Empower can communicate with you electronically. You understand and agree that if Empower sends you a Communication but you do not receive it because your contact information on file is incorrect, the Communication is blocked by your service provider, or you are otherwise unable to receive electronic Communications, Empower will be deemed to have provided the Communication to you. If we are unable to deliver electronic Communications to you, we may deem your account inactive. You may not be able to use our Services until we receive a valid, working primary email address and/or mobile device telephone number from you.