Empower's 2018 Top 50 Women In Personal Finance

Who runs the world? These ladies. Empower’s 2018 Top 50 Women in Personal Finance identifies a new generation of entrepreneurs who are boldly scaling new heights and closing the gender gap in personal finance.

  • Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson

    Award-winning business journalist. Mind-blowing blog. Podcast: Like a Mother. #1 Bestselling author: THE KICKASS SINGLE MOM http://amzn.to/2sEXKEv

  • Melanie Lockert

    Melanie Lockert

    Author. Co-founder @LolaRetreat. Mental health advocate. Paid off $81k. Loves coffee, art + travel. Let's talk money. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692684808

  • LaTisha Styles

    LaTisha Styles

    is a #businesscoach helping #millennials take an existing skill and turn it into an online business: http://bit.ly/biz-idea3

  • Farnoosh Torabi

    Farnoosh Torabi

    Money Strategist, Author of #WhenSheMakesMore, Host of #SoMoney on @iTunes, #ChaseSlate Ambassador, INSTAGRAM: farnooshtorabi

  • Holly Johnson

    Holly Johnson

    Stop spending. Start living.™ - Award-winning freelance writer. Bargain hunter. Debt destroyer. Travel rewards and optimized living expert. #money #travel

  • Stefanie O'Connell

    Stefanie O'Connell

    A destination for millennial women who want to feel as confident with their money as they do in their lives.

  • Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith

    I'm Sandy. I'm a financial educator. I run a personal finance blog about, you know, money. I write. I speak. I kick debt's ass. I run @elevate_money too.

  • Kathleen O' Celmins

    Kathleen O' Celmins

    Partner at http://StackingBenjamins.com . Font lover. Yogi. Always searching for my next internet tool.

  • Amanda Abella

    Amanda Abella

    Millennial Personal Finance & Business Expert | Voted Best Finance Blog in SoFl | Latina | Writer | Business Coach | Influencer | Amazon Bestselling Author

  • Chelsea Fagan

    Chelsea Fagan

    Writer. Co-Founder of @TFDiet. I want to talk to you about money: chelsea@thefinancialdiet.com

  • Paula Pant

    Paula Pant

    I write stuff. || Afford Anything website and podcast.

  • Anna Newell Jones

    Anna Newell Jones

    got out of debt & it completely changed my life. i write about my spending fast®, saving money, DIY's, hope, & living awesomely with less. happily autonomous.

  • Tonya Rapley

    Tonya Rapley

    Founder of @MyFabFinance | Passionate about destigmatizing, & empowering disenfranchised communities | SpottieOttieDopaliciousAngel

  • Nicole Lapin

    Nicole Lapin

    Host of Hatched on The CW, NYT Bestselling Author of Rich Bitch, Redbook columnist, CNBC/CNN/Bloomberg Anchorlady Alum...money never sleeps & neither do I.

  • Jamila Souffrant

    Jamila Souffrant

    Personal Finance Expert, Podcaster, Speaker.Seen on CBS,CNBC,News12.Saved $169k in 2yrs. jamila@journeytolaunch.com http://journeytolaunch.com/podcast

  • Hilary Hendershott

    Hilary Hendershott

    Host of Profit Boss Radio podcast | Founder of Hilary Hendershott Financial | TEDx speaker | Snowboarder | Born with a head for #'s.

  • Erin Lowry

    Erin Lowry

    Broke Millennial - Author • Speaker • Helping you get your financial life together! #GYFLT http://brokemillennial.com/ http://amzn.to/2zRiduq

  • Tiff The Budgetnista

    Tiff The Budgetnista

    America's favorite financial educator & #1 bestselling author: The One Week Budget. HuffPost blogger. Seen on: TODAY/ MSNBC/ TIME/ NYTimes/ FORBES/ Reuters

  • Kara


    Money Friend| Superwoman Slayer| I write, teach, and speak about black women+money all over the web

  • Brittney Castro

    Brittney Castro

    Founder/CEO Financially Wise Women. #CFPPro Spokeswoman. @Chase Financial Education Ambassador. @Entrepreneur Partner. Ready to change your financial life?

  • Natalie Bacon

    Natalie Bacon

    Lawyer ➡️ Financial Planner ➡️ Blogger 🌟 Dream chaser. Thinker. Minimalist. ❤️ Personal development, money, blogging, + biz #DesignYourDreamLife

  • Catherine Alford

    Catherine Alford

    I am a Family #FinanceExpert, #blogger, & award winning writer. I love helping future #mompreneurs start businesses. #TwinMom & #Wife of @JonAlfordMD.

  • Lauren Bowling

    Lauren Bowling

    Money & Travel Blogger @ Financial Best Life and #author of The Millennial Homeowner now on Amazon! Live your best life one smart money decision at a time.

  • Michelle Schroeder

    Michelle Schroeder

    Voted Finance Blog of the Year at #Fincon. Personal Finance Expert. Reached financial independence before 30. Full-time traveler.

  • Melisa Boutin

    Melisa Boutin

    Certified Financial Education Instructor, Student Loan Expert & Author of Student Loan Answers 📚 http://amzn.com/0692920358 | 📧 melisa@yourmoneyworth.com"

  • Anum Yoon

    Anum Yoon

    #PersonalFinance blogger. Writer. Gym unicorn, and lover of all things brewed. Working (and writing) towards a greener future #Sustainability ✿

  • Alaya Linton

    Alaya Linton

    Personal financial coach & blogger. On a mission to show others hope and peace in their finances. 2016 finalist Best New Personal Finance Blog. #personalfinance

  • Eva Baker

    Eva Baker

    Are you a teen who wants to be taken seriously and plan well for your financial future? You aren't alone! #smartmoneyteens

  • Patrice C Washington

    Patrice C Washington

    Chase Purpose - NOT Money. . . Known 🌎 as #MoneyMaven. I want to help you live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and earn more without chasing money.

  • Jessi Fearon

    Jessi Fearon

    Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Real Life Budget Expert. Featured in @lifemotto @POPSUGAR @HuffingtonPost @NerdWallet @daveramsey Debt-Free advocate

  • Tess Wicks

    Tess Wicks

    #MoneyCoach and YouTuber | #PersonalFinance Educator | Host of The Words + Money Podcast - Money advice for #millennialwomen.

  • Mary Beth Storjohann

    Mary Beth Storjohann

    Founder of Workable Wealth. Money nerd. CFP®. Helping you make smart money choices. Speaker. Author. Bookworm. Podcaster. Animal lover. Wife and Mama.

  • Latoya Scott

    Latoya Scott

    #PersonalFinance #writer | Huff Post Contributor http://latoyas.contently.com/

  • Whitney Hansen

    Whitney Hansen

    entrepreneur | coffee lover | dance party extraordinaire | weekend adventurer | Host of The Money Nerds Podcast. 🤓Listen here - http://themoneynerds.com

  • Kate Dore

    Kate Dore

    Candidate for CFP® Certification • Contributors Editor @Magnify_Money • Director of PR @FPAofMT • Personal Finance Blogger • Freelance Writer • Expert Snacker

  • Bobbi Rebell

    Bobbi Rebell

    Host, Financial Grownup #podcast Author, 'How to be a Financial Grownup'. Financial Journalist, Keynote Speaker, Emcee. Past: @reutersmoney @cnbc @cnn @penn

  • Zina Kumok

    Zina Kumok

    Freelance personal finance writer/speaker. 🐕 lover. MMA fan. I paid off $28,000 of student loans in 3 years.

  • Candice Marie

    Candice Marie

    Inspiring others to make wiser money choices |Author | Graphic Designer | Speaker | Lover of dark chocolate #fincon17

  • Jean Chatzky

    Jean Chatzky

    Financial Editor of @NBC's @TODAYshow. Host of #HerMoneyPodcast. I tweet money tips, recipes and Bachelor commentary. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts apple.co/1NiHj6I

  • Lynnette KhalfaniCox

    Lynnette KhalfaniCox

    Personal finance expert, speaker, author of NY Times Bestseller Zero Debt. Seen on Oprah, Today, Dr. Phil, CNN, MSNBC, Dr. Oz, The Talk https://plus.google.com/+LynnetteKhalfaniCoxTheMoneyCoach

  • Laura D. Adams

    Laura D. Adams

    Personal finance expert, award-winning author, host of the Money Girl Podcast, speaker, and media spokesperson.

  • Sophia Bera

    Sophia Bera

    I'm not your father's financial planner. I'm also a foodie, a true crime junkie, and a lover of karaoke.

  • Stephanie Kibler

    Stephanie Kibler

    Dreamer - personal finance blogger - gamer - space tweep - @UPickVG founder - Spreadsheet Ninja. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Alicia McElhaney

    Alicia McElhaney

    biz journo | tweets about music, skincare, books & bravo tv | opinionated af | #cloglife | talk to me about money @she_spends aliciamcelhaney[at]gmail[.]com

  • Divya Sangam

    Divya Sangam

    #Journalists, #Bloggers, feel free to contact me for #personalfinance, #insurance, #credit #smallbiz & #banking insights at divya@valuepenguin.com

  • Chonce Maddox

    Chonce Maddox

    #PersonalFinance blogger and #PassionateWriter. Trying to balance living a good life now and saving for later.

  • Jessica Garbarino

    Jessica Garbarino

    Paid off $56K in debt. Teaching single women how to become debt free & take control of their financial life!

  • Joanna Zarach

    Joanna Zarach

    On a mission to show people how to keep more of their money through Money Habits and Money Management. Weekly periscopes starting week of April 17

  • Aja McClanahan

    Aja McClanahan

    Our family clawed out of $120k in debt. Now, I inspire others to do the same by creating inspiring, useful financial content for the masses.