Budgeting for people who hate budgeting

Whip up budgets that reflect your lifestyle and get alerts on how your bills and purchases are tracking to plan. Knowledge is power.


Budget like a boss.

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More visibility means more control for you

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Categories that reflect you and only you

Create your own budget categories, or cherry-pick from ours. Fashion, rideshare, drinks – whatever floats your boat. We’ll classify every single expense for you.

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Everyone has their (spend) limit

Set spend limits by week or month for each budget category. Not sure where to start? We’ll suggest an overall monthly spend limit based on your income.

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Automatic alerts to check yourself

Get timely updates on how you’re tracking to your spend limits. Are you about to go over? Are you likely to come in under? Rest easy, we’ll tell you.

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Monthly reports that break it all down

We’ll recap your income and expenses at the end of each month, like a report card for your money. Real insights on how to spend more wisely in the future.

Your secrets are safe with us

Data privacy and security are a really big deal, for you and for us.
We’ve got bank-level security to safeguard your account at all times.

AES 256-bit

Touch ID



How many categories can I have?

Do I have to decide on a spend limit?

How often will I get notifications from Empower?

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Budget likea boss.