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WANTED: Builders, Dreamers, Achievers, Mavericks, Trailblazers

Our mission is to expand access to fair credit to give anyone the opportunity to improve their financial security and mobility. The drive, fearless thinking, and empathy we bring to our work delivers better outcomes for our community every day.

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The Empower Way

Great expectations

We come up with bold, audacious goals for ourselves and go all out for impact.

Owner mindset

We give every employee latitude to act independently, make smart choices, and move the business forward.

Spirited debate

We love skeptics and seek counter opinions to challenge our personal assumptions and expand our view.

Customer obsession

We listen to understand, empathize, and create a memorable and rewarding experience for our community.

Inclusive collaboration

We believe diverse teams make the best decisions — and strive to give diverse voices a seat at the table.

No jerks allowed

We value our relationships and take the time to build trust and connection and communicate respectfully.

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Generous equity package

Full healthcare benefits

Unlimited personal vacation

Technology expense reimbursement

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