Cash advance to catch you before you fall

Life doesn’t always wait for your next paycheck. Get up to $250 now and pay us back later. We know you’re good for it. Eligibility requirements apply.


Count on fast cash for life’s little emergencies.

What is cash advance?

Your "phone a friend" lifeline when you're strapped for cash

We'll float you up to $250 when you’re in a jam. No interest, no late fees, no credit check. (Because friends don't charge friends interest or late fees).

Icon grocery

Grocery runs

Icon medical

Medical emergencies

Icon gas

Gas money

Icon car repairs

Car repairs

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Appliance fixes

How does cash advance work?

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Fast cash direct to your bank account

We consider your bank account history and activity, recurring direct deposit, and average monthly direct deposit to determine if you’re eligible to receive a cash advance.
This is how it works:

  • Check your eligibility in the app.^
  • Request a cash advance in the app when you’re in a pinch.
  • We'll send cash directly to your checking account.
  • Settle up when you receive your next direct deposit. There’s no catch.

Customers love Cash advance


Very user friendly and quick to understand. I used the money to pay for my daughter's daycare... instant delivery was tremendous.

Jawan N.

I really like Empower's cash advance feature. I used it for gas and such. It was easy to use.

Ralph F.

I used my cash advance to pay for medical bills because I didn't have enough money at the time… I really love cash advance.

Ericka K.



Are there any late fees or interest payments?

Not at all. We know that despite the best-laid plans to save and budget wisely, life happens. Empower wants to be there for you in those instances. That’s why we created cash advance. It’s an interest-free safety net to tide you over until your next payday.

The Empower experience is free for the first 30 days, then $8 per month to access all of the money management features in the app, including automated savings, easy budgeting, interest checking, as well as cash advance.

How does repayment work?

Repayment will occur automatically when you receive your next direct deposit, as agreed in-app.

How soon can I get my cash advance?

This depends on the checking account that qualifies for cash advance.

- If it is your Empower checking account, you’ll get your cash advance instantly.
- If it’s an external checking account, you will receive your cash advance on the next business day. The current cutoff for accepting an advance and receiving it the next business day is 7pm PST.

Can I select the amount of my cash advance?

Not at this time. You can only accept the amount you’ve been approved for.

To qualify for more cash, please check the Empower app for eligibility requirements, which include factors like account history and activity as well as repayment history.

Why haven’t I qualified for cash advance?

To be eligible for cash advance, you must meet certain minimum qualifications such as account history and activity, recurring direct deposit, and average monthly direct deposit.

Although you don’t qualify for cash advance now, you may in the future. Empower is always reviewing your accounts and will update your account automatically once you qualify.

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