What's your money personality?

Take the money psychology quiz to reveal your relationship with money. What makes you tick?

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About the Money Psychology Quiz

This quiz was created by Empower. We made this quiz because we saw something missing in traditional finance advice. Well-meaning personal finance tips can be hard to follow because they’re purely rational – whereas our relationship with money is highly emotional. Our money behavior is deeply rooted in us, oftentimes formed in childhood.

The true first step to financial health is understanding your own relationship with money and what makes you tick. That’s why we created this quiz, backed by research from world-class psychologists and financial experts. Because at Empower, we believe financial advice should never be one-size-fits-all.

To develop the money personalities, Empower worked with Professor of Psychology Dr. Christina Villarreal, financial experts Tiffany Groode and Michelle Masters, author Heidi Priebe, and creative agency Wafffle.