You are...
The Celebrity

Why settle for the ordinary when you can buy yourself the extraordinary?

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Your superpower

You have a talent for upgrading everything in your life

Your money nightmare

Your credit card was declined in front of people you were trying to impress. And you’ve got no other means of payment.

What money means to you

You’re down to splurge because you know it’s worth the investment! You’re adept at perceiving yourself through the eyes of others and know that money is an effective way to signal success and status.

Your taste for elegance has kept you well-connected professionally and socially around the world. Your connections have translated into real opportunities for you. Your phone contacts are a gold mine of people who can get you access to that private party, discounts at the festival, or even bring you front and center stage to the movie premiere.

Though there’s nothing wrong with spending money to impress others and build connections, sometimes this sort of extravagance can be hard on the wallet. If you’ve got a regular habit of buying things you can’t necessarily afford, it may be time to do some financial cleanup.

How to blame this all on your childhood

Growing up, your family might not have the money to purchase things that would have made you happy. You might have felt excluded from groups you wanted to be a part of so badly. At some point, you realized that money is an indirect way to buy yourself into inner circles. Now that you are financially independent, you budget for the extravagant.