You are...
The Conqueror

Making money comes naturally to you because work is the love of your life.

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Your superpower

You see opportunities where others do not

Your money nightmare

You overlooked a deal that would’ve made you a billionaire, and you have no one to blame but yourself

What money means to you

Your mentality is ‘work hard, play hard’ except without the ‘play hard’ part. Time is money, and you know how to optimize every minute of your life. You eat, sleep and breathe productivity. You may tell people your number one priority is family, but you tend to spend much more time in the office than you do at home. What can you say? You were born without the laziness gene.

You’re on an eternal quest to acquire more – more status, more money, more opportunity to advance. When people tell you to relax, that sounds like a total waste of time.

It’s not necessarily about the money for you. It’s about how you earned it. Achieving is a source of constant validation that makes you feel worthy, valued, and loved. That’s why no amount of money ever seems like enough. Deep down, you may be fueled by a fear of others thinking you aren’t good enough, and you’re determined to prove them wrong.

How to blame this all on your childhood

You may have grown up seeing your parents value success in a traditional way – doctors, lawyers, business owners. This may have also been an environment where vulnerability and showing emotions were discouraged. Winning was the way to earn love and respect. This evolved into a lifelong habit of trying to get (and stay) far ahead. Constantly striving and achieving is how you maintain power and control, and money is the yardstick you use to measure your success.