You are...
The Hedonist

You know how to enjoy life. Money’s not going to get in the way of your freedom!

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Your superpower

You can instantly turn money into joy

Your money nightmare

All discretionary spending power is taken away from you. Though you have plenty of money, it can only be used for the bare essentials.

What money means to you

You can’t take your cash to the grave, so you might as well enjoy it while you can. Celebrating something? This round’s on you! See a good sale on plane tickets? You’re packing your bags. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness just needs to spend more time around you.

Some people may think you’re irresponsible, but what they don’t see is your hustle behind the scenes. You work hard to play hard, even if you can be a wee bit avoidant about checking your bank statements. Did you really spend that much treating yo’self last month? It’s not that you regret it or anything ... it’s just that you may have some financial repair work to do.

How to blame this all on your childhood

Early on, you learned to associate love with splurging on material things. Spending money is an expression of love, whether it’s for others or for yourself (hello, self-care?).

You may have grown up quite well-off and got used to a certain standard of living that you can’t imagine not having now. Or you may have grown up with extremely frugal parents who saw luxuries and splurges as a waste. Their conservative spending didn’t get passed down to you – nah, you rebelled, and you’re not going to postpone your happiness until retirement.