You are...
The Idealist

You're aware that money is a necessary part of life, but you'd rather not get bogged down with it.

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Your superpower

You never let money get in the way of doing what's right

Your money nightmare

Every day for the rest of your life, you must re-negotiate your salary and justify every penny you deserve to be paid.

What money means to you

Out of sight, out of mind - your favorite way to handle money is to ignore it. The idea of amassing a giant fortune is less enticing than connecting deeply with others. You'd rather be surrounded by people you love than conform to the rat race of the corporate world. It doesn't take much for you to enjoy life, because you don't get distracted by materialistic things.

Your journey to financial independence hasn't necessarily been smooth - once or twice you've found yourself in a financial situation that someone else had to clean up. It's not that you're uncaring or needy, it's just that there are more important things than remembering to pay the electricity bill. People love being around you because you're a reminder that there are always better things in life than money.

How to blame this all on your childhood

Growing up, you may not have needed to worry much about money. Your bills were paid for you, and you never had to think about where the money came from. Now that you're independent and have to think about managing your own money, it's a foreign language to you.

Or maybe you grew up in a community with less resources, and you learned to value family and friends more than money. The community around you may have blamed the system of corporate greed, and now having money comes with a subconscious guilt that you are betraying your roots.