You are...
The Stockpiler

You're always saving for a rainy day, just in case.

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Your superpower

You've got a sixth sense for finding a great deal.

Your money nightmare

Surprise! From now on, your most financially irresponsible friend will be in charge of your savings.

What money means to you

You're not cheap - you're frugal. Sure, you have plenty of money to spend, but you don't see the point in wasting any of it. After all, isn't it better to have more money than you need, than to need more money than you have?

Being responsible is one thing. But it wouldn't be entirely inaccurate to say that you're a little turned on by your savings account. Watching your net worth accumulate gives you a feeling of safety and control. You have a tendency to worry, which fuels your ability to save, save, save. It can be hard for you to enjoy the money you've earned, because spending it on anything but the bare necessities feels – just – wrong.

How to blame this all on your childhood

When you were growing up, financial security wasn't a guarantee, and being frugal came out of necessity. Your parents may have grown up in poverty or political instability, and passed on that scarcity mentality to you. Or maybe things were fine until an unexpected financial crisis – like a parent's job loss or divorce – a defining childhood moment that scared the sh** out of you.

You never internalized a feeling of abundance when it came to money, so you learned to hold tightly what you have. Money represents survival, and the more you have, the better.